Professional Development

The Community Chest, in collaboration with the Rutgers University School of Social Work's Continuing Education Program, offers a minimum of 4 trainings per year for the supervisory and management staff of local nonprofit agencies. Two trainings are offered in the Fall and two in the Spring.

In the Fall of 2016, a Mini-Certificate in Program Management was established for Middle Managers. The certificate is granted by Rutgers University, in collaboration with the Community Chest.  Staff attending four training session are eligible to receive the certificate. The program is funded by local foundations, businesses and individuals, including Englewood Rotary Club, SUEZ, PSE& G and TD Bank. There is no charge to the participants.

The courses offered are selected by a group of Executive Directors based on their observations of the performance and development needs of their supervisory and management staff. Rutgers University secures the teaching staff from their own faculty. Faculty are highly experienced teachers in various aspects of nonprofit management.