Our Impact

The Community Chest is committed to acting as a local change agent, leading community efforts to improve lives in eastern Bergen County. Between 2016 and 2020, The Community Chest intends to actively drive improvements that identify top issues and develop collaborative action plans with community partners. In addition to providing funding, we will lead on key issues by:

  • Fostering collaborations between nonprofit agencies, government, corporations, and other community partners

  • Helping new agencies grow as well as encouraging existing agencies not yet serving eastern Bergen to get established here

  • Assisting existing agencies with expansion of services for key issues

  • Strengthening agencies by organizing professional development, teaching best practices, mentoring leaders, and providing issue-specific training

These bold efforts will help us achieve a future in which people living in eastern Bergen County live lives free from hunger, hardship, and ignorance, while enjoying health, safety, education, and new opportunities.