Success Stories

Vantage health system awarded Harriet Tanner Impact Grant

People with diagnoses of mental illness have a life expectancy of 17 years less than those without the diagnosis.  There are many reasons for this, but the bottom line is that they need help accessing the services, overcoming fears of what to expect in the doctors’ offices, and finding caregivers who will accept Medicaid.

Dan, a consumer of services at Vantage Health System, spent many years living in institutions where he received very poor medical and dental care.  When he moved into the community he was apprehensive about having to take care of long postponed health problems.

Through this health care program, launched with the support of a grant from The Community Chest, Dan received the help of Mary Ann, a counselor working at the agency.  Since joining the program he has received much needed dental care and is now working on getting the medical care he needs. He is pleased with his own success and has now embarked upon a project to lose weight as he has learned that it will help his health in the long run.


Dr. John Grieco Scholarship Fund

The Community Chest awards a matching scholarship grant to high school students in Englewood. The funds assist with school and college preparation costs. One of The Chest’s former board members shares his experience in visiting with this great group of high schoolers.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to meet the students at the John Grieco Scholarship Fund.  To my utter delight, the kids were great. We were met by two of the group’s leaders, a young man and woman who were college bound and excited and nervous about it.  The larger group (about 40 teens) were filled with great questions. They wanted to know all about how I became a financial advisor. I have rarely enjoyed talking about my own professional career so much.

The teens also told about the fundraisers they were running to earn matching funds to those provided by The Chest.  They had decided that this would be a condition of accepting money from The Chest and they worked enthusiastically at raising funds through a variety of events held throughout the year.  The value of this program to these young people is immeasurable.”

Peter Corbin, former Board Chair


West Side Infant and Teen Program

As the mother of a teenager I couldn’t have been more moved by the work of West Side Infant and Teen Program.   Being a teenager is hard enough, but being a teenage mother must be overwhelming. This program wraps its services around the young moms and provides full time child care for their children while helping them to graduate from high school, work part time, and move toward college or full-time employment following graduation.  The program also includes the fathers of the children in care and grandparents and other caregivers that comprise the child’s extended family. It gives both moms and children all of the support they need for future success. I am so pleased that The Community Chest is supporting them.

Amie Aburustum


Center for Hope and Safety

It is hard to imagine that women and children have to live in a place like a shelter, but this facility is absolutely essential for families in need of temporary shelter because of domestic violence. I did not know about places like this nor did I appreciate the complicated situations faced by families who are homeless and without resources.    I felt very naïve and felt that I had to tell my friends about his. The Center for Hope and Safety provides a safe port in a storm for many families who need a temporary place to live to escape from dangerous living situations. The Community Chest funds are used toward supporting a staff person at the shelter. It is a great investment.

Martin Huguley


Tenafly Nature Center Summer Camp Scholarship

The summer months can be a difficult time for low income single parents who need healthy and fun activities for their children.  Tenafly Nature Center’s summer day camp provides an opportunity for kids in these situations to learn about nature and have a safe and fun filled time.  Mrs. S expressed her gratitude for this resource to camp staff. “I don’t know what I would have done with Max during this month when I had to work. He learned so much and had such a great time.  I would not have been able to afford the camp without the scholarship help. Thank you so much from Max and me.” The camp scholarships are provided in part by The Community Chest.


Professional Development Series

The Professional Development program that The Community Chest has been offering has provided much needed capacity support for my nonprofit organization.  We have very limited funds dedicated to professional development, so The Community Chest’s leadership on this initiative has allowed employees at the management and middle management levels opportunities to learn and grow as professionals that would be otherwise unavailable.

Steve Wiessner, Executive Director, Flat Rock Brook Nature Center