Grant Types

Annual Grants

The grants are considered each year for agencies that submit a proposal to The Community Chest in accordance with the schedule provided on the website.  Grants are reviewed by an Allocations Committee comprised of members of The Community Chest’s Board of Managers.  Annual grants may be used for program funding or general operating expenses. The maximum amount awarded to an agency for an Annual Grant is $20,000. 

Priority consideration will be given to proposals that support the quality of public education in our service area and that enhance the quality of life for local senior citizens.  A detailed description of how these goals will be accomplished must be included in the application as well as a description of how the impact of the grant will be measured.

An application must be submitted for consideration of funding. All questions on the application must be completed. The application must be filed electronically by the due date and three hard copies must be delivered to The Community Chest office by mail or in person.

For applicants funded in the previous year a copy of their mid-year report should also be attached to the electronic submission. The hard copies should also include: the most recent annual budget of the agency, the most recent independent audit and a list of the Board of Directors or the agency.

Any agency literature (one copy of each) referencing the Community Chest’s support should also be included in the packet that is delivered.

Impact Grants (Harriet Tanner Impact Grants)  

No impact grants will be made for the 2019-2020 grant year.


Special Grants

Occasionally agencies may have unanticipated needs for funding.  Special requests for emergency funding are considered on a case by case basis throughout the year.  

Agencies wishing to apply for these funds because of a special need should contact the Executive Director and schedule a meeting to discuss the request. The request will be brought to the Allocations Committee for discussion. Final approval must be granted by the Board of Managers. 

The Community Chest Board of Managers may choose to make special grants during the program year. These may be made because of special circumstances (e.g. Hurricane Sandy, or Holiday Season grants) or because an agency has a specific emergency need.