Support Community Building

The Community Chest's mission has expanded from exclusively raising funds to help support local agencies and nonprofits to being a philanthropic leader in the community. Our mission has advanced to "leading initiatives and supporting nonprofits that make our communities stronger and benefit people in need in eastern Bergen County."  We have become a community builder through developing professional leadership trainings for area nonprofits and leading collaborative efforts between agencies, municipalities, and local stakeholders.

True to our founding principles, our annual grants positively impact the lives of nearly 50,000 people per year in eastern Bergen County through the support of over 20 agencies and nonprofits. Our leadership workshops help participating agencies improve the quality of services they provide. Each year we bring together groups of people who are local professionals, community leaders and residents to share information and formulate solutions for community needs.  

Our service area has grown from three towns to fifteen municipalities in eastern Bergen County.


While each of the municipalities is unique there are some universal issues in each town.  All are concerned about the quality of life for their citizens. The Community Chest works with agencies and nonprofits that provide services in each of these towns to move toward the goal of all residents having equal access to quality healthcare, educational opportunities, nutritious food and other services that add to a quality life.