Other Impact Areas


Basic healthcare is a right of all citizens.  The Community Chest is interested in helping to ensure that affordable health care is available to people of all ages.

Services to Women

The Chest has been providing support for agencies serving women for many years.  The goal is to help women in need of support become more independent, ensuring that their lives are free of violence and that they are capable of securing and maintaining employment to stabilize their families.  The Chest also supports young mothers to make sure that they remain in school, secure stable employment and pursue higher education if possible.  

Volunteer Services

Nonprofit agencies benefit tremendously from the work of volunteers.  The Chest works collaboratively with the Bergen County Volunteer Center to ensure that volunteers are available to support agencies in eastern Bergen County.

Disability services

The Chest has begun to expand its support of programs serving the disabled.  This is to ensure that disabled people have access to services that address their very particular needs.